About Loadpipe

Curious about Loadpipe short URL advertising platform? 

About Loadpipe

Loadpipe is a platform (network) of publishers and advertisers who are looking for alternative ways to reach new people. There are a few ways we help that through pop up ads, 5 second advertisements between the link click, and banners. More technology is in the pipeline too (pun intended in the pipeline, being that we are load pipe)

About the Name: Load Pipe

Load Pipe is a pretty awesome name isn’t it? We think so too.

It is about channeling traffic and organizing it in a way that ads value but also ads revenue to publishers. As bloggers and influencers ourselves, we realize that making content is HARD. And to consistently make it - you need to get money in the bank.

So we want to support those who build up the LOAD. Building up the content, building up the traffic.

On the other side, we want to help our advertisers PIPE that to various channels on the internet. All that hard work publishers do to LOAD the network up with content and traffic and clicks - we help to channel (PIPE) that traffic to our network of advertisers.

Put more simply

LOAD = the publishers loading up the network with content and traffic.
PIPE = the advertisers channels that traffic to their sites to help monetize that load and benefit the publishers for their hard work.

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So there you go - are you going to add to the LOAD or help channel the PIPE? Or both?

Let’s get started, all with 1 account you can get involved on both sides.

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