How Does the CLKTRACK URL Shortening Ad Network Work?



Curious the step by step actions that happens?


Decide Which Type of User You Are

There are 2 different users in the CLKTRACK URL shortener advertising platform.


Publishers- this is the person who has a blog, social media following, youtube account, etc and is looking to earn another channel of revenue from their hard work. We know how much time and effort it takes to build up a following - and hope that this CLKTRACK monetized URL shortener can be an ADDITIONAL stream of income for you. You can still have your Google Adsense, your Amazon Associates, paid reviews, etc. If you’re interested in adding an additional way to earn income from your hard work building up that audience, read the “how it works for publishers” section below:



Advertisers - this is for the business who wants to receive traffic from our publisher network. You have a product or service that needs more traffic and attention. You see the value in having traffic from bloggers and social media gurus can help get that extra exposure and you want to pay for views on a CPM basis (CPM stands for cost per thousand views). 


How CLKTRACK Works For Publishers


Short: Simply this: Find a link you want to share, Shorten it, Share it to your network, Earn for views!


Need more details? Thought so, read on my friend!


Step 1 - Create an Account - so that we can verify and approve your account, please sign up. This way we will also be able to track the links you are making and pay you!


Step 2 - Create a shortened URL in Clktrack. Once your account is activated, create a shortened URL. Simply copy a URL you want to link to (say you want to post a link to a new blog article you like on your Instagram) and paste that URL in your Clktrack account. We will then generate a unique code for you and a URL. You can then copy that URL and paste it in your Instagram bio link, on your blog, on your Facebook post description, and wherever else you normally post a link for your fans to click.


Step 3 - Promote your content (same as usual) - now, this isn’t an extra step - basically once you complete step 2 (shortening the URL and copying the link) you are done with the “extra work” (hope it was pretty simple!) - now back to your normal internet marketing and influencer work of getting more people to enjoy and get value from your content. When they click on the link you shared - they will first see a 5 second advertisement on Clktrack and then be able to click through to see the actual URL you are sharing. 


Yes, this may be a little bit annoying for your fans - BUT - they should understand you need to get PAID! As bloggers ourselves, we of course felt a little strange at first adding advertisements and extra steps for our fans - but then we realized quite a few of our fans will never buy our books, courses, etc - so why not try to capture a little bit of income from them.


Idea / suggestion - if you are really worried about how your audience will react - LEVERAGE it. Tell them this is how you are able to keep your content FREE. If they would like to get the links and information without advertisements, you can open a members club where  you share all your knowledge and content ad free. Just an idea from 1 blogger to another :) !


Step 4 - Check your click stats. Now this is a benefit of using link shortening in general (such as bitly and others) - you can see how many people are clicking your links. The only difference in using Clktrack URL shortener and services such as bitly is YOU ARE ALSO GETTING PAID for those clicks. Yes, you’re welcome! Haha. 


Step 5 - Once your CPMs (views / clicks) has earned out past our minimum payout requirement, request a withdraw to your bank account / PayPal. Now, time to get paid. Once you have been sharing these URL shortening links for a while and built up traffic and clicks, your Clktrack account will start to show some cash money in it (congratulations!). We look forward to paying you - and in order to get that money into your bank, we have minimum balance requirement and then you need to request a withdraw (you can wait until you’re ready). We will review everything and pay you out, simple and done.


Step 6 - Continue to create more shortened URLs and build up money in your Clktrack account. Use this as an additional way to earn money as a hard working blogger and content marketer. Simply add in your workflow of creating content that when you need to make a link to click somewhere (either in your blog, social media, video descriptions, etc)  that you hop on over to your Clktrack account and generate a shortened URL.


Step 7 - Use the same normal ways of making money online. Now, the thing we tell bloggers is - this is NOT the only thing you need to do to make money online - we are simply and ADDITIONAL way for you to make money. Still do the traditional ways of putting google ads on your site, using amazon associates (you can even use our URL shortener to shorten Amazon associates links - double win!), and get paid to write reviews, etc. We just want to be ANOTHER way for you to earn income online. 



How CLKTRACK Works For Advertisers

Step 1 - Understand the advertising model and accept this as a new way to get eyeballs on your brand and content. We want to be transparent and clear - this is a CPM model, meaning you are paying for views on your banner and/or advertisement. We charge per thousand views, and the rate will be different for where the traffic is coming from (US traffic, Worldwide traffic for example) and you can also specify where you want the traffic to come from that you’re paying for. You can work with an advertising specialist upon request (depending on your expected advertising spend, contact us for more details).


Step 2 - Create an account and get familiar - we will also verify your account and payment method. This is to avoid fraud and spam and to keep this advertising network safe and of high quality.


Step 3 - Input your advertisements (create campaigns) - now we need to have you create your ad campaign. Just like you make a Facebook advertisement or Google Adwords advertisement, you’ll do the same here at CLKTRACK URL shorteners. Choose your target geography, and name your campaign. Create multiple campaigns, or just start with 1.


Step 4 - We review your campaigns. To keep our network spam and fraud free, we have our Clktrack advertising team review your campaign and approve it.


Step 5 - Once approved, our publisher network will start to display your ad campaign on the shortened URL network page(s) if they match the geographic region you are targeting.


Step 6 - Review your campaign performance, replenish, and optimize. That is really it. You can login to your Clktrack account and review the performance, the clicks, and your spend. Once it is running low, you can top up your account by buying more campaigns and keeping the advertising running. 


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